Le Pressoir

Step into our refurnished Créole cottage and you're at once transported to a different era, a simpler time. In dining, it was truly a time to relax while the restaurateur devoted great attention to detail. At Le Pressoir, Franck and Mélanie Mear carry forth that tradition with strict attention to detail. Chef Franck uses only the finest ingredients sourced throughout the world: the freshest fish, fine aged meats, vegetables at their peak of freshness, and only the finest, freshest spices. Every plate gets strict individual attention, delivering a dining experience so special, you will want to return often. Mélanie oversees the front of the house ensuring superb service and helps you choose the perfect wine for your meal. Our goal is always to please all your senses -- from the moment you enter our restaurant until you savor the last delicious morsel. Visit our complete website for more information.
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