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Artists Have you ever made your own perfume? Take a class at Tijon and you'll bring back a very personal souvenir. Atelier des Tropismes is an art gallery run by three local artists, located in the center of the village of Grand Case. Grand Case Parking provides safe, well-lit parking in the center of town. Many restaurants will credit you with your parking fee. parking
Simpson Bay

Island Images
Jill Alexander used to live here and create island scenes in watercolor, acrylic, and pastel . You might still find some at the Shipwreck Shops, Camaieu Gallery, Greenwith Gallery, Jewels and Linens, or Good Cards. She has left the island, but you can visit her website.

Other businesses
Watersports at the
Grand Case Beach Club

590 87 06 55
Atelier des Tropismes 690 54 62 69
Grand Case Parking none
Tijon Perfumerie website
Doctor Block 590 87 95 19
Big Blue 87 14 10
La Boheme - clothing 590 29 63 53
Le Petite Favorite
pottery, clothing, and more
590 87 06 55
Pharmacy 590 87 77 46
Sexy Fruits - clothing 590 87 55 14

To call these numbers from the US, it is necessary to dial 011 and the country code.
For added confusion, the country code is 590.
Thus dial 011 590 , 590 again for regular phones or 690 for cell phones, and six digits.

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