Lolos on the waterfront in Grand Case

Pier and Creole Rock behind the lolos We didn't get paid for this, but we think everybody should know what a lolo is. You should be able to tell from the photos, but basically it is a rudimentary dining establishment that grills food and serves it cheap. You'll generally get plastic cutlery and paper napkins, the tables may be picnic tables shared with others, and the air is conditioned only with the odors of grilled meat. Watch what you drink and you'll get change from a ten dollar bill. Leave it for your waitress. In Jan of 2006 there were about five of them in the center of Grand Case right on the water and all were doing 1 euro = 1 dollar.

There are other lolos spread around the island and some evolve into real restaurants. Some places are run by real chefs who have kicked the habit and are hanging out in the Caribbean.

Lolo Lolo Lolo

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